Mothership HackerMoms

I started Mothership HackerMoms a couple months ago for creative and wannabe creative moms. It's the first women's hackerspace ever in this … [Read More...]

Mini Maker Faire, Oakland 10/16/11

I made butter, did printmaking, wore a giant pink beehive wig stuck with HackerMom stickers...oh, wait, this is for my kids? They had fun, too. Made … [Read More...]

Loves / Hates

What I’m into now: Homemade caramel apples

Caramel is so simple that it's easy to mess up. Really the hardest part is finding the right recipe. Well, here you go: … [Read More...]

What I’m into now: Turkey gravy

Don't love turkey meat, but find even the white meat tolerable drowned in heavenly gravy made with turkey drippings and cream. … [Read More...]

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Week 3 of my 5 a.m. challenge: What finally worked

Week 3 of my challenge to become an early bird, I am waking consistently at 5 a.m. – but it hasn’t been a straight line. Week 1 was successful. … [Read More...]

Giving myself the Dalai Lama challenge

Sometimes a bullet of earth shattering wisdom will reach across all triviality and, as the poet Rilke wrote, “You must change your life.” I’ve … [Read More...]

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